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Mon, 05 May 2008

Kimagure Orange Road reviews

For those of my readers who are into comedic romance anime, all one (?) of you, I present a review of Kimagure Orange Road. There are spoilers aplenty. I think the last two episodes of the TV series are quite possibly the most enjoyable ending to any anime series that I have watched. I'm still working my way through the Maison Ikkoku anime, though, so that might trump it.

Sun, 30 Mar 2008

Git advocacy

I've made a page with links to various git advocacy documents and HOWTOs that I've written. It's at Projects: Git Stuff.

Wed, 05 Dec 2007

Dec. 2007 website updates

I recently realized that and Emacs have a different idea of what the color "Gainsboro" means. Running (htmlize-color-to-rgb "Gainsboro") yielded an RGB representation for the color as Emacs sees it. The resulting color is a bit lighter and makes the text more readable. This led to some other changes to the coloring of the right-side menu, to make it match. I've also made it so that the use of examples and source code in blog entries near the beginning of page does not result in a lot of blank space.

Someone recently suggested that I use the color green a bit more in my site, so I acquiesced by making the "Last updated" text be colored bold dark olive green rather than red.

Additionally, the navigation footer has been bothering me for a while, so I've completely redone it. I've grouped all of the icons into their own centered "iconbox" area, with a cheap one-pixel 3-D effect. The navigation part is now on the right, using up the space between the now-blue validation icons and the "Last updated" text. I also made the horizontal line delimiting the footer to be of width 4, added 20 pixels of vertical space above it, and 2 pixels below it. I think I dig the net effect.

Fri, 09 Nov 2007

Moved website to new HCoop servers

I moved my website to the new HCoop servers this week. I do volunteer sysadmin work there. I manged to screw up my DNS around the middle of the week, and am still waiting for my apartment's DNS server to catch up with the fixes. Note to self: do dig @mynameserver mydomain ANY before switching to a new DNS server, in order to verify that the right DNS entries actually exist.

Thu, 23 Aug 2007

Debian GFDL Dissent page updated

After a vigorous set of email exchanges with a Debian developer, I've added some addition content to my Debian GFDL Dissent page.

The newly-answered questions are:

Sat, 26 May 2007

New "tech" category for my blog

I have made a new category of entries, labeled "tech", in my blog. The RSS feed for this is Some old entries have been reclassified from "personal" to "tech" because they had some material that might be of interest to the technologically savvy of my readers.

Planet aggregators for tech-related topics (namely: Planet Emacsen) should use this feed rather than my normal feed.

The reason for this is that I am considering adding some entries concerning religion (especially lack of it, and especially in the form of quotes) that a majority of my readers would probably find offensive, and I do not want to promote the occurrence of religious backlash posts in any Planets that I may frequent.

If you anticipate being offended by or uninterested in this content, now would be the time to switch to the tech-only feed. Tomorrow, I'll figure out a way to make entries appear in multiple categories, so that stuff about my projects gets into both the projects feed and the tech feed.

In order to populate this new tech category, I will be doing at least one "series" of posts on topics that interest me. First up, starting Monday, will be commentary on several Atari 130XE games that I enjoyed playing back in the day.

Changing blog URL and archzoom URL

I changed the URLs for my blog and my local archzoom interface (which lets you browse my Arch archives) today. The new URLs are as follows. Please update your feedreader/bookmarks/websites accordingly.