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Fri, 13 Apr 2007

Very busy week

This week might possibly qualify as the busiest week I've ever had at Purdue. The extended Diary view in my Planner Mode window had entries for every single day — a first.

Monday - Tuesday: Worked on PL project. Finished it 30 seconds before the turn-in window closed, only to realize the next day that my algorithm for sub-typing ML records was insufficient.

Tuesday: Met with a professor and found an interesting research topic for my Undergraduate Research thing next semester. It involves catching up a branch of Scheme 48 with either the latest stable release or the trunk (need to ask which). This should be fun to work on.

Tuesday - Wednesday: Migrated 3 PLUG machines from Ubuntu Dapper to Ubuntu Edgy. Migrated an additional machine from Debian sarge -> Ubuntu Dapper -> Ubuntu Edgy; spent two hours trying to figure out why the machine was unpingable, only to realize that the order of networking interfaces had changed.

Wednesday: Algebra homework. I suspect that I will have to allocate twice as much time to schoolwork as normal in order to pass this class. I also need to catch up in the PL textbook.

Thursday: PLUG elections. We had a good turnout, and I'm satisfied with the way things went. Congratulations, new officers!

Friday: Got up early to make up an EAS lab (the TA did not show up on Tuesday). Had to rush back to the apartment to do a phone interview with a prospective employer. The connection cut out on my cell — finished the interview standing next to the living room window.