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Thu, 15 Mar 2007

NPR's Built To Spill concert and unfriendly content licensing terms

I've spent about 30 hours of my time working with the Real Audio feed of NPR's Built To Spill concert, to try to turn it into a decent live album for personal enjoyment. I selectively amped various songs and parts of songs to make them consistent, faded out audience applause, fixed blips, and trimmed the space between songs, and separated the concert into distinct songs. I used the tools avifile-player, mplayer, wavsplit, and Sweep to do this.

Alas, I cannot make the result publicly available, thanks to NPR's awful Terms of Use for their content. You would think that "A privately supported, not-for-profit membership organization" (quoted from here) would be interested in permitting people to mix and improve their content (given proper attribution, perhaps), but it is not so. There is a permissions form, but I don't feel optimistic enough about my chances to try it, given that they try to prohibit modification even for personal use in their Terms of Use. Like they would have any legal basis for the latter ... what a perfect example of overreaching and treading on personal liberties. That's like telling me that I can't take home a free food sample from Kroger's grocery store and build a meal around it for myself.