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2008-03-30 (/website) Git advocacy
2008-03-23 (/tech) Why plugins in version control systems are a bad idea
2008-03-18 (/personal) Driving on Coldwater Canyon
2008-03-16 (/personal) Bootstrapping the apartment
2008-02-21 (/tech) Thoughts on Debian packaging with git
2008-02-07 (/tech) Configured laptop for a sister
2008-02-01 (/personal) Accepted job in LA
2008-01-29 (/tech/projects) Emacs Muse 3.12 released
2008-01-28 (/tech) Using Amazon S3 and duplicity to do backups
2008-01-26 (/tech/projects) ERC 5.3 released
2008-01-21 (/personal) A year of positive atheism
2008-01-07 (/tech) Dealing with a stuck left Alt key on the OLPC XO laptop